Back by popular demand Bruce’s Coffee Ride


Chainwheel’s coffee ride with Bruce has been rolling for 15 years and is a staple ride for beginners or even experienced riders looking for a casual and friendly cycling experience.

Bruce started The Coffee Ride to provide a casual cycling experience for local riders. This ride offers a casual, friendly and non competitive culture. We hope you come out and ride with us.

We are excited to start the 2017 season this weekend April 8thSaturday Morning.

The ride rolls out at 7:30AM from Murray Park. See you there!



Women on a Roll

Chainwheel is happy to announce a new ride this year in our shop ride offerings.

Description:  This is a for-women/by-women no-drop road ride.  The goal is to empower women, through cycling, to become better riders together, improve their fitness and practice safe group riding skills.  This ride will also provide a social outlet to share experiences and have fun on the bike.  We will cover 20-25 miles, including several stops to discuss skills and techniques, at an average pace of approximately 15mph.  The route will vary depending upon participant goals/skill level.


Where:  Meet at the BDB bathrooms on the Little Rock side (more parking is available at Murray Park).

When:  Wheels down every Monday at 5:45pm (sharp) starting April 3rd. For now, rides continue thru August 28.]

Check Chainwheel’s Facebook for updates or rain cancellations.

Questions about the ride?  Email info@chainwheel.com


Tuesday night ride now on Wednesday

FullSizeRender.jpgSo you all can race 12 weeks of Crits on Tuesday night… they Tuesday night ride is now on Wednesday.


Starting April 12th The Chainwheel Tuesday night ride leaves The Clinton Center parking lot every Wednesday  evening at 6PM

The route is unique as it passes through a national airport on its way out to a loop of some classic Arkansas Delta.

We look forward to seeing you on board!

Full Route Map and Turn by Turn for 25 Mile course: https://www.strava.com/routes/4588513

(Note) as the days get longer we will add a 30 mile A group option.

Rules, Cautions and Instructions

We are excited to lead the Tuesday night road ride once again. Each Tuesday night we will roll out at 6:00pm from The Clinton Library parking lot. We ask you to help us by following a few safety rules on our Tuesday night ride:

  • Helmets are mandatory
  • No Headphone or music, everyone needs your full attention.
  • No time trial bikes or TT bars, please.
  • Know the route and help each other.
  • Be courteous, helpful to all riders. Call out road furniture, road kill and such.
  • Yellow line rule is effect for the entire route. Please don’t cross into oncoming traffic.
  • If riders in your group are getting dropped yell “Gap” to slow down for them.
  • All riders ride at their own risk.
  • Know who you’re A group and B group leaders are; they will be announced before we roll out.
  • Flat repair kits are recommended for this route. Prevent flats by checking your pressure before the ride.
  • If you do not know the route, do not get ahead of the group and ask “where do we go?” Follow your group leader, please.

What to expect / Route:

(Abbreviated version below, see Strava route for full turn by turn directions)

Leaving the Clinton Library parking lot, follow South West trail toward the Airport. This will be a neutral section till we cross over I-440. Watch for utility hole covers and railroad tracks. While on Airport road please do not cut the route on the 2 roundabout’s.

After airport terminal area we take the first left onto E Roosevelt. Follow for about 1 mile and make a right on Fourche Dam pike. Follow to Thibaut and follow right.

Watch for rumble strips on Frazier pike, commit to taking these on and do not swerve to avoid. Let’s keep everyone upright.

Look for the right hand Turn onto Harper Road. Watch for loose dogs. These guys tend to be playful and not aggressive, but still dangerous to a bicycle wheel.

This is a great area for Sprints and attacks, have fun be safe. Watch that Yellow line.

Continue on toward Sweet Home and ride toward 365. Continue on 365 and watch for traffic heard toward the 3M plant. Onward up to Confederate Blvd and Sprint to the Hill top to 3M road. Regroup at the top of the hill. Once we are rolling be careful on descent back to Frazier Pike, there can be water on the road and it can be slippery. This is a very fast downhill please be careful.

Onward and left on Frazier Pike back toward the Airport and back into the start area via Bond St.

Reservoir Revenge MTB Ride

A weekly Mountain Bike ride lead from Chainwheel on Thursdays.

Join us for a beginner-paced mtb ride and remember the bug spray! We roll at 6PM from Chainwheel, ride 1 mile to the trail, ride the 1 mile loop (riders have the option to ride the loop again) and then ride back. We meet for a post ride beverage at Senor’s after.


5 thoughts on “RIDES… RIDES… RIDES!

  1. Women On a Roll- what level is this? What does BDB stand for?

    Tuesday Night Ride- What level is this? What is average mph?

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