Chainwheel and Moots Cycles


Born in Steamboat Springs Colorado in 1981 Moots Cycles has been in the forefront of bicycle innovation. Handcraft high-performance titanium bicycle frames and components in their small factory in Steamboat Springs, CO. Their goal is to build each customer the best-fitting, finest-riding bike they will ever owned.


Moots Cycles announced Recently that longtime owner, Chris Miller, has sold the titanium bicycle and component manufacturer to Brent Whittington of Arkansas, a former executive officer for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company Windstream Communications.

We recently had a sit down with Brent:

Q(CW): What has you excited about the brand?
A(Brent): The fact that a very passionate group of cyclists are creating a dream bike for other cyclists around the world to enjoy.  Each and every model is designed and built under one roof using the best possible (US sourced) materials and internal processes. Moots has a very long history (35 years) of handcrafted know-how and refinements that come together to really create a work of art that provides a ride quality second to none.

Q(CW): Why do you think it is such a good fit for Chainwheel and our area?
A(Brent): From the friendly, very approachable, down to earth and knowledgeable Moots sales staff, to the wide offering of models for every type of riding discipline, Moots brings customer satisfaction in all aspects of a purchase.  Add in the durability and ride quality of the product over time and a Moots makes a wise purchasing choice.


From Patrick Barron CO-Owner of Chainwheel:

“Chainwheel is very excited to have Moots in our lineup and know that the bikes will get even better under Brent’s ownership. The bikes are at a level that have always made them truly aspirational, and we can’t wait to see more of them in our area. It is a great opportunity to have a real “maker’s” bike here at Chainwheel”.

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